Employee Responsibility

The Group is acutely aware of the vital contribution of employees to the future success of the business. It recognises the importance of providing employees with information on matters of concern to them, enabling employees to improve their performance and make an active contribution to the achievement of the Group’s business objectives. This is accomplished through formal and informal briefings, meetings and will soon be extended to online communication via a Group intranet. Employee representatives are consulted regularly on a wide range of matters affecting their current and future interests. The Group’s Investor in People accreditation reflects the progressive training and development programmes that are in place within the business.

The Group is committed to equality of opportunity and dignity at work for all, irrespective of race, colour, creed, ethnic or national origins, gender, marital status, sexuality, disability, class or age. It ensures that recruitment and promotion decisions are made solely on the basis of suitability for the job.

In the UK, it is the policy of the Group to comply with the requirements of the Disability and Equality Act 2010 in offering equality of opportunity to disabled persons applying for employment, selection being made on the basis of the most suitable person for the job in respect of experience and qualifications. Training, career development and promotion are offered to all employees on the basis of their merit and ability.

Every effort is made to continue to employ, in the same or alternative employment, and where necessary to retrain, employees who become disabled during their employment with the Group.

The Group proactively addresses health and safety management and we have a programme of risk identification, management and improvement in place. The Board receives a report in respect of health and safety across all of its businesses at each Board meeting.