Good Causes Work

The Group’s support for communities across the UK is virtually unparalleled; since the mid-1970s The Football Pools has contributed £1.3bn at today’s value to football, sport, the arts and charitable causes. Today the Group continues this good work by helping to generate £0.5m annually for charitable use through its management and operation of society lotteries within its Football Pools business activities.

The Group was, for many years, the sole funder of the Foundation for Sport and the Arts (, which awarded grants amounting to several million pounds each year. Many communities, organisations and individuals have benefited from modest but critical training bursaries through to significant funding for major capital projects.
Further support in recent years has focused on football and included donations of over £6.0m to schemes developed with the English and Scottish Football Leagues. Notably, the SPL’s Football Fans in Training programme, promoting fitness and weight loss, continues to attract international acclaim.

In 2013, to celebrate the 90th anniversary of The Football Pools, the Group was eager to continue its support of grass roots football, where we believe the impact is the greatest. The Football Pools announced that it would partner with charity StreetGames in a two-year funding arrangement worth £1.7m, to create a new football programme, "StreetGames Football Pools Fives". As part of its commitment to leave a lasting legacy by donating to sport, the arts and other good causes, The Football Pools is continuing to work closely with StreetGames to enhance the lives of young people in disadvantaged areas and thereby promote change for good in their local communities across the UK.

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