Sportech Bump 50:50

Sportech’s innovative BUMP 50:50 business is a leading provider of in stadia charitable gaming solutions for top tier sports teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS and across North America.

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Sportech's BUMP 50:50 enables sports teams to raise significant money for good causes by using our innovative digital raffle technology platform in stadia on game day. With BUMP 50:50’s raffle solution, 50% of all raffle ticket sales go to the prize fund to be won by a single customer, with the winning ticket number drawn at random. The remaining 50% of ticket sales, after operating expenses, are donated to charity to do good within the local community.

Sportech’s BUMP 50:50 is a real win-win for both sports fans and good causes.

Professional sports teams using BUMP 50:50’s technology platform and solutions include the Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, LA Clippers and Miami Dolphins.

Sporetch’s BUMP 50:50 businesses is also very proud to be the technology platform and solutions provider for the Number 1 raffle program in 4 of the 5 major sporting leagues in North America including: 

  • Number 1 raffle program in NFL (Detroit Loins)
  • Number 1 raffle program in NBA (Chicago Bulls)
  • Number 1 raffle program in the NHL (Winnipeg Jets)
  • Number 1 raffle program in the MLS (Portland Timbers)

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Business Strategy

BUMP’s business strategy is to continue to invest in expanding its technology offering to more sports teams in order to continue to increase attendee participation, increase the monies raised for good causes, and increase overall revenues by providing these innovative solutions and services.

Management Team

The Senior Management team consists of experienced professionals specialisingin the sports and non-profit sectors with significant technology, operational, sales and customer service expertise. To find out more about our management team, click here.