Sportech Racing and Digital

Sportech Racing and Digital is the largest international provider of pari-mutuel systems and services, and the division provides the software, hardware, and services that facilitate pool/tote betting for a global customer base of licensed racing and betting operators.  

Distribution is the key in tote betting and Sportech Racing and Digital provide the tools that licensed operators need to expand the distribution of their racing product through global commingling and the distribution of their betting services through land-based and digital channels.

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Sportech's technology

The cornerstone of the Sportech Racing and Digital technology, the Quantum™ System, is designed to support high-volume, mission-critical financial transaction processing and is extensively deployed for racetracks, off-track betting networks, online wagering providers and casinos in North America, Europe and Latin America. A co-founder of the global commingling protocol ITSP, Sportech Racing and Digital distributes popular racing pools internationally through Quantum™ Data Centers in the USA and Europe.

Sportech’s proprietary betting hardware and software run the gamut from agent-operated to self-service, and include applications that allow players to use their own smart phones or tablets to wager.

As the largest digital tote betting platform supplier in the U.S., Sportech Racing and Digital provide customized websites, mobile apps, and telephone betting systems, and as well as the services that help customers manage these digital channels.

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Business Strategy

Sportech Racing and Digital is committed to building upon its rich history by aggressively investing in new technologies that improve efficiency and to increase consumer access to wagering systems designed to work anywhere, on any device. It has been at the forefront of developing digital technologies that allow operators to offer more options to bettors on track, at off-track betting venues, or elsewhere, with white label platforms that feature customer branding and content.

Management Team

Sportech Racing and Digital has the most seasoned, experienced management team in the industry, providing services through offices and operational centers in Atlanta, Toronto, New Jersey, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Germany. Click here to learn more about the Sportech Racing and Digital team.

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