Texas Motor Speedway High Jackpot Weekend

Update from Sportech’s Bump 50:50

Bump 50:50, a division of Sportech Racing and Digital, successfully raised $143,000, comprised of three individual jackpots, over the weekend at Texas Motor Speedway.

Last year Bump announced the partnership with the Texas Motor Speedway for electronic 50/50 raffles to be conducted over race weekends to help the organization’s charity, Speedway Children’s Charities. Dan Tanenbaum, President of Bump 50:50, recognized, “this is a great win for our NASCAR client”.

For more information about Bump 50:50 and their electronic raffle systems, visit the Bump 50:50 website.

Sportech Testifies At Public Hearing In Connecticut, Supporting Legalizing Sports Betting

Update from Sportech Venues:

Sportech was in the Connecticut capital of Hartford on February 26thto testify before the Connecticut Legislature’s Public Safety Committee in support of legislation that would permit regulated sports betting through Connecticut’s current licensed betting operators, including Sportech.

Sportech Executive Chairman Richard McGuire, Sportech Venues, Inc. President Ted Taylor, and Sportech Chief Legal Officer Rich Pingel testified that Sportech has been delivering responsible betting entertainment in Connecticut for 25 years and has invested heavily in its Connecticut operations.

They asserted that sports betting is a logical and reasonable extension of services it already delivers through its 16 betting venues and via online and mobile betting operations.

They emphasized Sportech’s continued commitment to the State of Connecticut, its residents, and the 400 employees of Sportech who call Connecticut home, and reaffirmed that Sportech is regulated and ready to partner with the State to deliver responsible sports betting to consumers and new tax revenues to the state.

For more information about Sportech’s position on sports betting in Connecticut visit their information website.

Daytona International Speedway Record Jackpot Weekend

Update from Bump 50:50

Bump 50:50, a division of Sportech Racing and Digital, hit a record jackpot at this year’s Daytona 500 event. Daytona International Speedway raised $233,022 using the Bump 50:50 platform, a record jackpot for the 3-day event.

50/50 raffle ticket proceeds benefit Vet Tix, Daytona International Speedway’s chosen charity, which provides major sporting event tickets to more than 21 million Military Service Members and Veterans.

The jackpot of the 50/50 raffle is split in half, raising $116,511 for Vet Tix while $116,511 goes home with the lucky winning ticket holder.

For more information about Bump 50:50 and their electronic raffle systems, visit the Bump 50:50 website.

The Case for Legal Sports Betting in Connecticut

Update from Sportech Venues

The case for legal, regulated sports betting in Connecticut is clear, as Sportech lays out in a new video published by Sportech to support its efforts to establish Sportech’s Winners as the Regulated and Ready partner for sports betting in the State.

For more information about Sportech’s position on sports betting in Connecticut visit their information website.

Montreal Canadiens Hit Record Jackpot With Bump 50:50!

Update from Sportech’s Bump 50:50

 Bump 50:50 customer the Montreal Canadiens hit a record jackpot on February 2nd, using the Bump 50:50 platform to reach their all-time highest regular season jackpot of CN$125,610.

The 50/50 raffle tickets are sold in the Bell Centre by Foundation volunteers from Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation and, as with all 50/50 raffles, half of the jackpot went to the lucky winner and the other half to fund the foundation’s charitable mission.

For more information about Bump 50:50 and their electronic raffle systems, visit the Bump 50:50 website.

Sportech Unveils Campaign to Bring Sports Betting to Connecticut

Update from Sportech Venues:

Sportech Venues in Connecticut is spreading the word about the opportunity for Sports Betting in Connecticut, as State lawmakers take up consideration of laws to regulate Sports Betting during the current legislative session.

Sportech has been working to communicate its position on the introduction of a common-sense framework for legal, regulated sports betting in Connecticut to combat current illegal activity and provide consumer protections while also delivering tax dollars to the State.

With a campaign that launched in early February, Sportech is making sure that its Winners, MyWinners.com, and Bobby V’s Restaurant & Sports Bar patrons know that the legalization and regulation of sports betting is under consideration in Connecticut and that Sportech will be ready to take action as Connecticut’s REGULATED and READY partner for betting, if and when legalization occurs.

For more information about Sportech’s position on sports betting in Connecticut visit their information website.

Sportech acquires UK Based Digital Gaming Technology Business LOT.TO

Update from Sportech PLC

On 1st February, Sportech announced it completed the acquisition of 100% of LOT.TO Systems Limited (LOT.TO), a leading UK-based digital gaming technology business.

This acquisition will provide Sportech with a leading digital gaming platform, iLottery, and a specialist team focused on innovative digital gaming technologies. It will support Sportech’s opportunity to grow through broadening the suite of gaming services we offer currently and will solidify our global gaming capability’s and services position.

LOT.TO is recognised as a digital specialist in the lottery sector providing turn-key solutions to its B2B client base.  Whilst its proprietary ‘Rapid Lotto’ and lotto betting verticals online have been its core consumer products, LOT.TO’s iLottery platform has the capability to operate in any gambling vertical including self-service POS terminals plus online and mobile interfaces.

Richard McGuire, Executive Chairman of Sportech, said: “This acquisition will enhance the digital capabilities across all Sportech business lines.  In addition, it will accelerate a strategy to further develop those growth opportunities, consolidate our sports betting capability, enhance our existing Lottery product capabilities and support the digital development of our global pari-mutuel capabilities in an efficient and effective manner.”

For more information on LOT.TO visit the website here

For the full RNS release click here 

Sportech to Deliver New Teller Terminals to Jockey Club of Turkey

Update from Sportech Racing and Digital

 Sportech Racing and Digital is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with its valued customer, Türkiye Jokey Kulübü (the Jockey Club of Turkey, or “TJK”), for the sale of 300 of Sportech’s latest-generation BetJet® Aero betting terminals.

The sale of the BetJet® Aero is the latest development in what has been a long and productive business partnership between TJK and Sportech.  Sportech provides TJK’s central tote betting system and betting terminals, as well as maintenance and support of the system with Sportech’s Turkey-based Operations team.

The new BetJet® Aero – Sportech’s latest technology for teller-based betting – will provide TJK with full-service teller functionality for processing bets with the latest in fast processors, ultra-reliable components, and productivity features that make betting transactions fast and accurate.

For more information about Sportech Racing and Digital visit the Sportech Racing and Digital website.


Bump 50:50 Huddles with The Tampa Bay Lightning Foundation

An Update from Sportech’s Bump 50:50

Sportech’s Bump 50:50 team joined our customer, the Tampa Bay Lightning Foundation, at a recent Tampa Bay Lightning home game to reinforce Bump’s marketing strategies and selling techniques designed to help boost foundation raffle sales.

A  motivational group huddle before the January 17thgame may have been a key factor in the success of the day’s raffle, which posted a 200% increase over the foundation’s per-game sales average.

For more information about Bump 50:50’s digital raffle systems and Bump’s proven strategies for engaging a raffle sales team to produce big results for your charities, visit the Bump 50:50 website

Sportech is Speaking Out on Connecticut Sports Betting

Update from Sportech Venues

On January 16, 2019, Ted Taylor, President of Sportech Venues in Connecticut, spoke with News8 Connecticut to put forward Sportech’s position that as one of the State’s licensed betting operators, and a ready and regulated outlet for safe and legal betting in Connecticut, Sportech should have a seat at the table as sports betting is considered by State legislators.

Mr. Taylor cited the $600 million in annual sports betting conducted by Connecticut residents through illegal, unregulated operators and added, “Because of existing security and technology we have already invested in these tightly regulated facilities, [Sportech] are a logical place for legal sports betting in Connecticut”.   He also noted that legislation legalizing and regulating sports betting in Connecticut will bring current illegal activity into a legal framework while also quickly allowing the state to drive tax revenues.

To view the full video, visit News8 Connecticut here.

Sportech is playing a key role in the larger conversation about sports betting in Connecticut.  For more voices in the Connecticut sports betting debate, find more interviews here and here.

To learn more about Sportech’s position on Sports Betting in Connecticut, visit www.sportsbettingforconnecticut.com.