2nd Annual Bump Academy Draws Partners from 12 Leagues

Update from Sportech’s Bump 50:50

Bump 50:50, a division of Sportech Racing and Digital, hosted their second annual Bump Academy in Las Vegas June 10th and 11th, welcoming attendees representing 50 teams and special event partners from 17 states and provinces and 12 professional sports leagues.

The Bump Academy was designed to help Bump’s charitable raffle clients optimize their raffle programs and maximize fundraising. Team foundations from pro sports, collegiate sports, and special events were on hand to learn about Bump’s technology platforms and marketing strategies and to share ideas for taking their raffle programs to the next level.

Bump 50:50 provides a package of electronic raffle technologies and services that is proven to help charitable foundations implement successful electronic 50:50 raffles. Bump’s signature implementation and marketing package helps maximize the potential of its clients’ 50:50 raffle programs, generating record-setting jackpots.  The Bump Academy is just one more item in the toolkit that helps drive client results.

Dan Tanenbaum, President of Bump 50:50, described the event as, “…a rare opportunity for sports leagues to talk to one another about their raffle programs.” He added, “So many incredible ideas emerged as we came together. I know that our clients have more tools than ever to push their fundraising goals and that they are excited about the future.  This is going to elevate the fundraising game in sports.”

For more information about Bump 50:50 and their electronic raffle systems, visit the Bump 50:50 website.