A Big Jackpot Sunday For BUMP 50:50

Update from Sportech Bump 50:50

Bump 50:50, a division of Sportech Racing and Digital, generated over a half a million dollars on a single Sunday, with four of its ninety-four 50/50 raffle clients standing out.

Of Bump 50:50’s NFL® clients, the Detroit Lions had a Sunday jackpot of $135,150, the Houston Texans reached $100,755, and the Miami Dolphins hit $84,799.  From the MLB®, the San Francisco Giants had a Sunday jackpot of $153,600.

Bump 50:50 provides a package of electronic raffle technologies and services that is proven to help charitable foundations implement successful electronic 50:50 raffles. Bump’s signature implementation and marketing package helps maximize the potential of its clients’ 50:50 raffle programs, generating record-setting jackpots, like this big jackpot Sunday, for teams, special events, and charitable organizations.

For more information about Bump 50:50 and their electronic raffle systems, visit the Bump 50:50 website.