Sportech’s Bump 50:50 Selected by Colorado Amateur Hockey Association

Bump 50:50, a division of Sportech Racing // Digital, announced that they have been selected by the Colorado Amateur Hockey Association (“CAHA”) to supply technologies and services for50/50 charitable raffles at 2015-16 Colorado Avalanche games.

From the start of the upcoming season, Bump 50:50 will deliver point-of-sale software, hardware and central processing services, as well as program design and coordination, sales team training, reporting, and data analytics.While the Bump 50:50 system is only currently available at Colorado Avalanche games, Bump 50:50, CAHA and Kroenke Sports & Entertainment are working together to hopefully bring fundraising opportunities using the Bump 50:50 system to Denver Nuggets and Colorado Mammoth games at the Pepsi Center.

As the industry’s most technologically advanced provider of 50/50 raffles, Bump 50:50 is continually investing in new features and services. Fans in Coloradowill now enjoy the ability to purchase 50/50 raffle tickets for not only cash but with credit cardsas well – a feature that Bump 50:50 introduced this summer for the first time in charitable raffle history, and one that only Bump 50:50 currently offers. Fans will also have the ability to opt-in to receive text notification of winners.

In addition, the Bump 50:50systemis the only 50/50 raffle system on the market today to receive the top-level version 1.1v Gaming Laboratories International GLI-31 certification for Electronic Raffle Systems. This independent certification provides further evidence of the credibility and integrity of the Bump 50:50 system, and underscores the company’s commitment to delivering the most advanced raffle systems available.

Dan Tanenbaum, President of Bump 50:50, stated, “We are excited to provideall involved with a Bump 50:50 solution, and to support the vital work of the Colorado Amateur Hockey Association and Kroenke Sports Charities, who will both directly benefit from the proceeds raised through the use of the Bump 50:50 system. We continually provide enhancements to our system, and we are confidentour latest new features – including credit card acceptance and text notifications –will encourage participation, and deliver results for the CAHA.”