Live Entertainment at Bobby V’s Windsor Locks Proves to be a Winner

Update from Sportech Venues

Live comedy events highlight an exciting entertainment calendar at Bobby V’s Restaurant & Sports Bar in Windsor Locks, Connecticut.  Sportech Venues in partnership with Treehouse Comedy, a 35 year industry veteran, produce monthly events at the Northern Connecticut venue.

Guests seeking a fun night out with friends have been treated to a variety of hilarious comedic performances from well-known comedians including:  Gilbert Gottfried, Caroline Rhea, Lenny Clarke, and Judy Gold amongst many others.

On Saturday, February 10 the comedy stylings of Nick DiPaolo were on display for guests who enjoyed drinking, dining and wagering all while laughing the night away.  From HBO and Showtime Comedy Specials, “Comedy Central Roasts” and Sirius XM fame, DiPaolo left the sold-out crowd with a night they’ll never forget.

For more information on Sportech Venues partnership with Treehouse Comedy at Bobby V’s, visit the Bobby V’s Windsor Locks website.


Bump 50:50 Introduces Debit Card Raffle Sales to Fans in Texas

Bump 50:50 Raffles Dallas Mavericks

Update from Bump 50:50

Sportech’s Bump 50:50 successfully introduced a new payment method for sales of the 50/50 raffles at Dallas Mavericks games.

Fans are now able to use their debit card to participate in the 50/50 raffle, with half of the proceeds going to the raffle winner and half to the Dallas Mavericks Foundation. This is the first time that debit cards have been used to conduct 50/50 raffle sales in Texas.

For more about Bump 50:50 and their innovative digital raffle programs, visit the Bump 50:50 website.

Fans Celebrate the Big Game at Bobby V’s Stamford

Fans celebrate a big win at Bobby V's Stamford

Update from Sportech Venues:

Last Sunday, Sportech Venues’ Bobby V’s Restaurant and Sports Bar in Stamford, Connecticut saw fans of Philadelphia and New England celebrating the big game, a scene set perfectly for an amazing game day experience for all.

The capacity crowd was surrounded with over 200 HD TV’s showing the game as they enjoyed food from Bobby V’s scratch-made menus, signature drinks, and a hard-to-beat party atmosphere.

Sportech’s Winners venue, located on the second floor of the facility, hosted guests whilst they enjoyed betting on and watching the day’s racing leading up to and throughout the big game.

For more information on Sportech Venues and Bobby V’s, visit the Sportech Venues page or the Bobby V’s Stamford website.

Sportech Connects with OPAP of Greece in Commingling Arrangement

Update from Sportech Racing and Digital:

Sportech Racing and Digital now connects a new European commingling customer to horse race betting pools operated by Sportech’s long-time customer, Nicosia Race Club of Cyprus.

In January 2018, OPAP, the holder of exclusive rights to numerical lotteries and sports betting in Greece, began commingling into Nicosia Race Club’s pools via Sportech’s Quantum™ Data Center facility in Europe.

This new commingling arrangement brings the excitement of Nicosia’s racing to the 1,500 off-track betting outlets operated by OPAP. In addition, it also opens the gate for OPAP to now access all of the racing content made available through Sportech’s global pari-mutuel systems and adds yet another European country to Sportech Racing and Digital’s global footprint.

For more information about Sportech Racing and Digital, and the services available through its Quantum™ Data Centers, visit the Sportech Racing and Digital website.

Racing and Digital Launches Self-Service Betting at Ascot and Chelmsford

Update from Sportech Racing and Digital:

Sportech Racing and Digital has successfully launched self-service and mobile betting technologies at two of the UK’s most prestigious racing venues, Ascot Racecourse and Chelmsford City Racecourse.

Following the successful soft launch of the Digital Link™ mobile app and the BetJet® SL 2.5 self-service terminal, Sportech Racing and Digital customer Betfred Totepool have further extended these mobile and self-service technologies to the Chelmsford City Racecourse.

Guests of the racecourses can use the self-service BetJet® SL 2.5 terminal to place tote bets or to fund their Digital Link™ mobile app for convenient, secure and private on-course pools betting.

For more information about Sportech Racing and Digital, and the Digital Link™ and BetJet® SL 2.5 products, visit the Sportech Racing and Digital website.

Records Are Made To Be Broken

Update from Sportech’s Bump 50:50 :

On Monday night the Tampa Bay Lightning held the biggest online 50:50 raffle for a sporting event in US history during the NHL All-Stars. Using the Bump 50:50 platform they were able to reach a jackpot of $276,414!

For more information about Bump 50:50 and their electronic raffle systems, visit the Bump 50:50 website.


Bolts 50:50 Raffle Hits $160K!

Update from Sportech’s Bump 50:50 :

Here is our President of Bump 50:50, Dan Tanenbaum celebrating Tampa Bay Lightning Bolts 50:50 All-Star Raffle hitting $160K at the weekend.

The final jackpot totalled at $276,414.

For more information about Bump 50:50 and their electronic raffle systems, visit the Bump 50:50 website.



Bump 50:50 Powers Lightning Foundation Progressive Raffle for NHL® All-Star Game

Bump 50:50, a division of Sportech Racing and Digital, announces the successful launch of the Lightning Foundation 50/50 Raffle, a new online, progressive 50/50 raffle for the National Hockey League’s Tampa Bay Lightning, powered by Bump 50:50 digital raffle technology.

The website,, offers residents of most Florida counties the ability to purchase 50/50 raffle tickets in the days leading up to the 2018 NHL® All-Star Game on Sunday, January 28, 2018. The raffle will continue both online and at the Amalie Arena during the All-Star game, and at events and activities to be held in and around various venues in Tampa, FL.

Visitors to can purchase raffle tickets, check for winning tickets, and claim their prize.

Proceeds from the winner-takes-half raffle will go to the NHL All-Star Legacy Project and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay.

Dan Tanenbaum, President of Bump 50:50, stated, “The implementation of the Lightning Foundation progressive raffle through both online and arena sales channels harnesses the excitement of the All-Star event to generate funds for exciting local charities and community projects and we are very happy that Bump 50:50 technology has helped bring this multi-channel raffle event to the NHL fans in Florida.”

For more information about Bump 50:50 and their electronic raffle systems, visit the Bump 50:50 website.

Notice to Shareholders

Following our announcement on 16 November 2017 regarding the confirmation of capital reduction and distributions to shareholders, please note that dividend cheques have been posted out to all shareholders. If any shareholder has not received their cheque, please contact our registrars, Link Asset Services on 0871-664-0300, who will be able to assist you further, but are likely to levy a charge to you, which the company is not in a position to waive.