Sportech Delivers Commingling Services, Digital Platform Under New Agreement with UK Tote Group

Sportech PLC, an international betting technology business, is pleased to announce the commencement of a new multi-year international commingling agreement with UK Tote Group and the formal handover to UK Tote Group of a proprietary digital platform,, developed jointly with Sportech.

The new international commingling agreement will enable UK Tote Group to utilise Sportech’s worldwide Quantum™ commingling ecosystem to access horseracing and other sporting pools across the globe. Such access supports their international growth aspirations including the recently announced enhanced partnership with The Hong Kong Jockey Club.

In addition to the new international commingling agreement, Sportech formally handed over a proprietary digital platform on which Sportech has worked closely with UK Tote Group over the last year to jointly create and deliver. The new platform gives UK Tote Group cutting edge digital technology in a fully containerised, cloud based solution to grow their online business. The new digital platform is directly connected to Sportech’s worldwide commingling ecosystem, bringing a myriad of opportunities for the deployment of additional Tote products from international operators.

Richard McGuire, Chief Executive of Sportech, said: “Sportech has invested heavily to develop its Quantum™ global ecosystem and to improve the quality of its international business. The global market for pool betting is in excess of US$100 billion and UK Tote Group has an impressive team with ambitious plans. Sportech is delighted to extend its relationship with UK Tote Group to support their global initiatives.”

Alex Frost, Chief Executive of UK Tote Group, said: “This agreement with Sportech demonstrates further commitment to our international development plans and a desire to see our pools betting operation lead the way in technological innovation to help grow betting on horseracing around the world.”